Attending a trade show is a great way to call attention to your business, but it’s not enough to just show up in a branded booth or make your rounds through the convention hall with a stack of business cards. Trade show attendees arrive expecting to walk away with swag, so you should stock up on branded items to keep your name in the top of their minds. Here are just a few ideas to fill your swag bag with custom-branded items to make a lasting impression.



Even in the digital age, you can never have too many pens. Keep a container full of pens sporting your logo next to your email newsletter signup sheet and encourage anyone who signs up to take the pen when they’re done. If you want to show off that your company has a modern edge, opt for a stylus pen instead of a traditional ballpoint.


Tote Bags

At trade show events, attendees might end up with so much swag they have nowhere to put it. That’s why tote bags can be a great solution. For the trade show crowd, opt for an oversized bag that can carry all sorts of items.


Cell Phone Stands

For gifts that have a more premium feel, cell phone accessories are the perfect solution. Cell phone stands are an easy choice because they don’t need to be custom fitted to the individual phone model, but you might also consider microfiber cleaning cloths, cell phone wallets, and webcam covers.


Lip Balm and Bottled Water

Walking around the trade show floor all day can leave attendees feeling tired. Offer something that will be great for passersby to stop for immediately, such as lip balm or bottled water. You might even spring for reusable water bottles or tumblers that attendees can use for years to come.


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