With constant deadlines, customer demands, and the other common pain points of an average workplace, it’s easy for employees to feel stressed at work. As a business owner, you might be looking for ways to reduce stress and foster a more productive, happy work environment. The good news is that you don’t have to invest a ton of time or resources into stress management. Following these simple tips will help your employees feel more at ease and appreciated in the workplace.


Encourage Employees to Decorate

Whether you have a sales counter, office cubicles, or an employee breakroom, it’s important to help employees feel comfortable in the areas where they spend their time. Allowing them to do some decorating can help create a more welcoming space. Either with company-provided décor for various holidays or with personal items from home, employees enjoy their surroundings. This can help lower their stress.  


Create Workplace Challenges and Incentives

Work doesn’t always have to be about work. In fact, having a greater sense of community can help employees feel more at home and more dedicated to their jobs. Fun yet healthy challenges, such as walking competitions to see who can take the most steps in a day or creative competitions to come up with slogan ideas for new marketing campaigns, can provide physical or mental stimulation that helps melt away stress and creates a more fun work environment at the same time. Rewarding winners with fun prizes can add to the excitement and fun of the challenge.


Give Your Employees Tangible Rewards

When there are particularly busy times or high-stress situations, remember that hard work should be met with added rewards. For example, you throw a pizza party for lunch during the busy holiday season! Or, offer added goodies in the break room when sales goals are met or exceeded. Small gifts can also be an appropriate way to build up good vibes. Think about items like stress balls or fidget toys to hand out around the office.


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