The new year is here, and that means that your employees have probably made some resolutions to improve their health. You can help them succeed and boost office morale by offering your employees gift bags containing branded gear to encourage healthier habits. This will not only give your employees a more positive view of their workplace, but it can pay off for you with a more motivated team that has fewer sick days and health insurance claims. Here are just a few ideas for gifts to include when you want to promote better health around the office.


Water Bottles

Drinking water is a simple, but effective step towards better health and a branded water bottle can help your employees remember to take more frequent sips. Plus, reusable plastic or metal bottles will have a positive environmental impact. They curb the use of disposable plastic water bottles and paper or plastic cups at the water cooler.


Athletic Wear

From wicking T-shirts to golf polos to sweatpants, there are lots of different pieces of athletic wear that might look great with your company logo. Not only will your employees be encouraged to work out with this type of apparel, but they can advertise your business while they do so!


Gym Bags

If you don’t want to worry about sizes and style preferences, gym bags can be a great way to get your business noticed when your employees work out. Look for duffel bags or drawstring bags in your company colors and add a logo in black or white print to make it stand out.


Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers can range from simple, affordable designs to sophisticated devices, so they aren’t impossible to fit into your employee gift budget. They can also be a great jumping off point for a workplace exercise initiative with branded prizes included for winners around the office.

To start the year off right with promotional gear that reflects your goals for 2019, call Safeguard at (520) 445-3276. You can also browse our catalog online to get some great gift ideas for your employees or contact us here to connect with our specialists.