Business cards can get the name of your company out there, but it might take something more to make an impression. Putting your logo or business name on office supplies can let you keep a presence on your clients’ desks so that your company will be in their minds more often. Keeping the following branded supplies on hand, or having them custom printed for a specific occasion, will help you boost your business’ physical branding by providing clients or prospective employees with small, functional gifts that they will actually want to use.



It’s common to check the time in the office throughout the day, so imagine if every time one of your clients looks at the clock, they see your name. Whether you choose a desk clock or a wall clock, you can feature your logo and offer a beautiful timepiece that will be easily within view.


Business Card Displays

Most professionals keep their business cards on their desk, so a sleek business card display might be the perfect gift to hand out to a client or prospective employee. They may be reaching for their personal business cards, but every time they do, it’s your company they’ll think about.



Mousepads are the kind of thing that always seems to disappear around the office, so you can never have too many. Customized mousepads make great gifts for anyone, and they can also be used throughout your own office to reflect your company branding to employees and visitors.



If your office sends out any communication by mail, you’ll want to use custom stationery for a professional look. Recipients will have immediate name recognition upon seeing the envelope, so they’ll know it’s worth opening.


Name Plaques

Giving a name badge or desk plaque is the perfect way to welcome a new employee to the team, so you might have one made up before a new hire’s first day. You could even use a custom name plaque as a gift for a potential employee you are trying to woo from another company since it will help them envision themselves working for your team.

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