The start of a new year is the perfect time to rethink your marketing strategy and set a budget for your advertising spending. Before you allocate your budget, however, it’s worth thinking about the value of promotional items that feature your logo and other brand insignias. These products can make much stronger ongoing impressions than digital ads or billboards, and they may be more affordable than you think. The right promotional items—or swag, if you prefer—will depend on your company’s goals and mission for the new year, but some of the most impactful promotional gear for businesses includes:



If your business frequents lots of local events, branded T-shirts can be a great investment. These are always popular, and they will be worn again and again, exposing your brand to a countless number of individuals. If you want something a little more high-end, then custom polos, athletic wear, or sweaters may be more appropriate.


Pens* and Stationery

Almost no one ever turns down a free pen, so it’s worth having plenty of those, sticky notes, and other stationery items to hand out to clients and distribute within your office. Every time a signature is needed or notes need to be jotted down will be an opportunity for your brand to be noticed and remembered.

*On average, a pen has 8 owners in its lifetime!



Are you planning on attending a trade show or industry event this year? Get your logo featured throughout the event by handing out tote bags or drawstring packs. These events always leave attendees with tons of swag, but you can stand out by offering somewhere to store it all!



What’s the first thing most of us think about in the morning? Coffee! Make your business a part of the morning ritual with custom coffee mugs that your clients can use in their homes or offices. Even better, make a green impression with branded reusable to-go mugs that can go anywhere your clients do.

Start the new year right. To discuss your plans for promotional products and marketing in 2019, reach out to Safeguard. You can browse our website for gift ideas or call us at (520) 721-9644 to speak with one of our Tucson branding experts.