Though salary is an important motivator for employees, it isn’t the only thing that matters. Employees want to feel valued by the company they work for, and one way to show your appreciation is with gifts. When you select employee gifts, you should be thinking not only about items that your logo will look great on. Think about items that your employees will actually want to use.

Here are a few ideas for showing your employees that you notice their hard work and appreciate the time they put in.


Team Shirts

Feeling like you’re part of a team can be a powerful motivator in the workplace, and nothing says “go team!” like matching apparel. If you are printing team shirts for the company, go above and beyond the traditional cotton tee. Try a  blended, wicking fabric or a high-end golf polo.


Rally Towels

Another item that elicits the team spirit is a rally towel. These also make great accessories for going to the gym, so you might consider offering employees gym memberships along with their rally towels to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. This type of gift shows that you really care about employees’ well-being in and out of the workplace.


Home Goods

When you need gifts that are a little higher on the price scale for special employee events like anniversaries, you might go for home goods like countertop appliances, a barbecue accessory set, or even gardening tools. When you are going for more personalized gifts, don’t be afraid to cater to each employee’s unique interests.


Luggage Tags

Something small can carry lots of meaning. For example, luggage tags and a bonus day off can send a great message to employees who’ve spent extra time on a project or helped land a new client.


BPA-Free Bottles

Another small gift that can have powerful messaging is a BPA-free water bottle. This will promote sustainability around the office by reducing the use of paper and plastic cups. It will also show your employees that you are health-conscious since you’re opting for safer materials.


When you need employee appreciation gifts, fun swag for potential clients, or any other branded merchandise, you can count on Safeguard. Our business apparel and promo items can fit into any company’s budget, and we will help you select just the right gifts when it comes time to say thanks to your employees. Get in touch today by calling (520) 721-9644.