If you’re in charge of selecting corporate gifts for your colleagues, you may not be sure about the type of gift to choose. After all, you need to find something that offers universal appeal for fellow employees while remaining within the budget for holiday or special occasion gifts. This blog covers a few great ideas for any budget, each of which offers opportunities to add a custom message from your company.


Custom Stationery

Engraved pens and custom stationery can add a level of sophistication to employee workspaces. These company gifts can feature each employee’s name as well as the name or logo of your business. Plus, they offer a chance to let everyone feel special.


Desktop Décor

Whether you want to go for something silly, like a desktop mini-hockey table, or opt for something more practical, such as a sticky note dispenser, desktop decorations are always a fun and likable gift. If you want to choose a gift that colleagues are more likely to take home than leave at the office, consider custom printed or engraved coasters.


Fitness Accessories

Corporate gifts can have a positive message associated with them, such as motivation for employees to get active. Gifts like water bottles, personal towels, gym bags, and activity monitors can serve as positive reinforcement for fitness goals, which tend to become more common around the holiday season.



For a higher-end gift that might mark a major career milestone or anniversary for a colleague, an engraved watch can be just the right fit. If you want to accommodate a more modest budget, a desk clock may be more appropriate.

For any budget and any company style, you can find the gifts you need with Safeguard. Our helpful team can give you some great ideas and help you customize your gifts to send the right message from your business. To speak with a representative, call (520) 445-3276. You can also browse our website to start shopping right away.