If your employees frequently travel for client meetings, trade shows, and promotional events, it may be worthwhile to invest in some great travel gear that can catch eyes at airports, event centers, and other highly trafficked venues. Not only can you show off your logo and promote your brand with this custom gear, but you can provide your employees with a little extra incentive to travel for the company. Here’s a look at some great gear choices to get your team ready for an upcoming business trip.


Phone Chargers

It’s often a challenge to find an open power outlet in an airport or hotel lobby since nearly everyone is looking to charge their phones, tablets, and laptops. Power banks can offer the perfect solution for employees on the go. You can print your logo right on the chargers, so they make excellent gifts for clients too.


Bags and Luggage

Any frequent traveler knows that the right baggage can make all the difference on any trip. For employees who travel for the company often, it may be wise to splurge on a high-end, wheeled carry-on bag or slick, durable duffle that slides easily into the overhead compartment. For more budget-friendly baggage solutions, consider totes and drawstring packs, which are the perfect size to carry as personal items on any flight.


Insulated Tumblers

Consider insulated tumblers for your employees’ business trip. From the daily commute to cross-continental trips, a stop for coffee is likely on the agenda. Cut down on the waste from those coffee trips and make a green impression with customized insulated tumblers, perfect for a hot cup of coffee or an iced mocha. The beverage of choice will stay at the right temperature for hours!


Personal Accessories

The little things can make a big impact, so consider stocking up on branded lip balm, bandages, nail files, and microfiber cleaning cloths for a business trip. These small items can be a lifesaver for travelers, and they can easily be carried in multiples, so employees have something to leave behind if they do a little networking on their journey.


For these gifts and a huge selection of other branded travel items, bags, and apparel, get in touch with Safeguard in Tucson. We have been serving Southern Arizona for years with promotional marketing gear that makes a strong impression. Learn more on our website or call (520) 445-4924.