When it comes to corporate promotional branding, there are more things to think about than just pens and T-shirts. Your logo and business name can be integrated into just about any product, and it pays to think outside the box with these branding opportunities. In Tucson, you might encounter a large number of clients and colleagues who spend their spare time enjoying the outdoors through biking, hiking, and camping in the surrounding desert and mountain ranges. Consider catering to these interests with branded camping gear that puts your logo in some unexpected places. Here’s why you might think about this type of promotional gear for your business.


Show Interest in What Your Clients Care About

No matter what business you’re in, it pays to connect with your clients. When you build lasting connections with your clients, they are more likely to be loyal to your business and refer their friends and colleagues to you. By gifting your clients’ branded camping gear like branded LED lights, sports bottles, camping chairs, and even tents, you can create a nature-friendly image for your brand, and that’s something that is often appreciated by Tucson’s population of outdoor aficionados.


Create Unique Social Media Branding Opportunities

When you give away branded merchandise, you might not think about the full extent of branding opportunities that can come from these items. You can start a social media campaign with a custom hashtag, encouraging clients and employees to post their photos of your branded camping gear in action. This can also align with company wellness initiatives that encourage your employees to get active and spend more time outdoors.


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