Whether it’s a picnic, a baseball game, or a day at the local waterpark, a family fun day can go great lengths in boosting employee morale and improving your company’s reputation. Inviting employees and their families to enjoy a fun afternoon together shows that your business values employees for more than their work and recognizes their lives outside the office. Before you start your next outing, check out this gear for company events to make the fond memories last.  


Make T-Shirts to Commemorate the Day

If you are hosting your outing at a busy location like a sporting event, it’s helpful to make your party easily identifiable with company T-shirts. Choose a bright and fun color and include the company logo in the T-shirt design. And, of course, don’t forget to order shirts in a wide range of sizes so the kids can feel like part of the team.


Offer Plenty of Entertainment for Kids

Family fun days shouldn’t be bogged down by a corporate theme. They should be fun and light-hearted to create positive memories among your team and their loved ones. To that end, you should always be sure that there’s plenty of entertainment just for kids. It’s likely that your employees will have kids of all ages coming along for the festivities, so you should have a wide array of games and giveaways to enjoy.


Give Employees and Clients Useful Outdoor Gifts

Soft-sided Coleman Coolers, lawn chairs, umbrellas, beach towels, and frisbees are all examples of promotional products that contribute to the fun and festive adventures outdoors. When clients and employees use these items, they naturally connect your brand with fun and enjoyment. Not only are these things useful, but they build goodwill.


One Gear For Company Events You Didn’t Think Of: Setting Up a Photo Booth

Your event should blend fun and games with company culture. This gear for company events is a great way to bring everyone together. By setting up a photo booth, families can take fun and wacky pictures while they wear company T-shirts and other great swag! Not only will employees love displaying these photos around the office, but you can use them to show off your company culture on social media as well.

Safeguard can help you bring your family fun event together with custom gear for company events, shirts, games and toys, and all varieties of company merchandise you can imagine. Call us today at (520) 721-9644 or browse our website to start exploring customized gift ideas.