When you’re taking a business trip, your backpack is likely the place you’ll put your must-haves and items you just don’t want to be without. If you travel for work often, it’s worth having a reliable backpack that you can count on to be your go-to carry-on with all of your trip essentials. Here’s a look at the features you should pay the most attention to when you’re buying a new backpack.


The Style

In general, the workplace has become more casual, which means that you tend to see more backpacks than briefcases in business class these days. However, that doesn’t mean that you should throw all style rules out the window. Choose a bag that offers a more sophisticated look that can transition right from the plane to the conference room. Leather backpacks can have a dressy appearance, but you can also make a statement with a sleek canvas backpack. Consider opting for function-forward features that also add style, like waterproof zippers.


The Straps

Backpacks are convenient for travel because you can easily grab a strap and make your way through an airport or transit station, but they won’t offer many conveniences if they aren’t comfortable to wear. Look for a backpack with padded straps that have some breathability and are easy to adjust. When you wear your backpack, tighten the straps so the bag is closer to your body, removing strain from your shoulders.


The Compartments

Easy access and organization are key features of a great travel backpack. Make sure your new pack has a compartment for everything, including a protected space for your laptop or tablet as well as an area where you can easily store and find your wallet, cell phone, and keys.


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