The end of the year will be here before you know it, which means that it’s time to start thinking about year-end gifts you can send to your clients or give away at your place of business. A company calendar are the perfect solution to your holiday gift needs. They provide continuous marketing benefits as well as something useful for your clients to use and remember you by.


Calendars continue to have a presence in the home and office.

Even in the digital age, physical calendars still have a widespread presence in American homes and offices. The vast majority of consumers enjoy receiving calendars as gifts, and most people report that they look at a calendar at least once a day. This means that a single printing cost can continue to pay off all year long.


Calendars offer custom branding opportunities.

With the most bare-bones design, a company calendar will put your business name, address, and phone number on display in your clients’ homes and offices. You can make an even bigger statement with custom branding throughout, such as a unique promotional offer each month. These elements will keep the messaging fresh and help boost the ROI on the design and printing investment.


Calendars boost positive reputations.

In general, people appreciate calendars and walk away with a positive impression of an advertiser that offers a free promotional calendar. Increased name recognition, repeat business, and customer referrals can all stem from that positive impression gained through giving a simple, practical gift.


If you want to try out a company calendar this holiday season, Safeguard can help you select the right theme and distribute your custom calendar to your clients and prospective customers. To talk with one of our representatives about the right branding and gift solutions for your business, call (520) 445-3276.