If there’s one thing that all clients have in common, it’s their love of swag—or, as you might better know it, promotional merchandise. Just look around your own home or office. Chances are, you’ll see at least a few items that you received from a promotional giveaway or as a holiday gift from someone you do business with. Of course, promotional items can just as easily end up in the junk drawer or donation pile, so it’s important to make the swag your company offers something with staying power. To make your promotional merchandise worth the investment, consider these tips for appealing to your clients.


Think Outside the Norm of Usual “Swag”

Too often, businesses will box themselves in when thinking about free giveaways, only sticking to office supplies, t-shirts, and tote bags. These are great branded items to have on hand, but you might make more of an impression if you get creative. Your logo and business name can be showcased anywhere, including on outdoor gear, beverage containers, cell phone accessories, and even food gifts.


Go for Higher Quality Products

When you do decide on a type of product you want to include in your company swag, you should also think about the level of quality you can afford. Obviously, you don’t want to go over budget on swag, but you might see if there is room to upgrade to a name brand when possible. A higher-end water bottle or custom notebook will last much longer than some generic alternatives, and it can show your clients that you mean business.


Add Custom Details

Your logo and business name should always be printed or embroidered on your promo gear, but you might go a step further with some clever custom details. For example, adding a company slogan or tagline along a zipper seam or ordering swag in custom colors associated with your brand can make the final product your own. That kind of thoughtfulness and attention to detail can resonate well with your clients.


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