In the digital age, it can get complicated thinking about how existing and potential customers will be exposed to your brand. In the era of ad impressions, social media likes, and third-party review sites, promotional marketing often gets overshadowed—despite its track record of success. Though it does take more to get your business noticed online these days, there is still plenty of room for real-world exposure with branded merchandise that flaunts your business’ name, logo, or slogan and people can touch and feel.


People love free stuff.

Take a look around your home or office. Chances are, you’ll see a few keychains, pens, calendars, shirts, or magnets from businesses in your area. When businesses give away promotional merchandise, people take it and they use it. Branded merchandise not only keeps your business in the minds of people who hang onto your swag but also anyone they know who might see it.


Branded merchandise gets your logo seen.

When it comes to branded merchandise, the sky is the limit for items you can give away. That means that your logo or slogan might end up in front of countless people. This increases awareness and curiosity for your brand. Did you know the average pen has EIGHT owners in its lifetime? Apparel is a particularly good choice for branded giveaways, because people will often wear clothes from brands they support, and others are likely to take notice.


Promotional products can fit into any budget.

With any marketing strategy, you will need to consider the investment versus the payoff, or the return on investment. With promotional products and branded merchandise, the investment doesn’t need to be high, because there are tons of affordable products out there that can sport your logo. Even if it’s something as small as a pen or keychain, that giveaway will keep your brand name on the minds of your customers.

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