Company picnics can help build team spirit among your staff and boost morale around the office. They are also the perfect opportunity to recognize employee achievements with an awards ceremony. However, you don’t have to be limited to traditional workplace awards to highlight your staff members’ best traits. In fact, a more memorable strategy could be to come up with funny award titles for employees, which show that you connect with your staff on a more personal level. Consider these funny titles for your next company awards: 

Most Embarrassing Work Moments

Funny mistakes happen to everyone at the office. Make light of those moments with awards for the most embarrassing moments at work. For example, you might give out an award for getting locked in the office after hours or including a funny typo in a company-wide email. This can really boost morale around the office.

The “Office Clown” Award 

Appropriate humor is always appreciated around the office, so you shouldn’t be afraid to reward it. A company picnic is the perfect place to give an office clown award. Consider a colorful, glass award for this category. 

The “Chronically Late” Award 

If there’s a member of your team who is always running 5 minutes behind schedule, consider adding a chronically late award to your list of funny award titles for employees. 


The “Corporate Jargon” Award 

Sometimes, you can’t help but use corporate jargon in team meetings and daily business. However, it’s easy for the habit to get out of hand. If you have an employee who is always speaking in buzzwords, create an award to highlight their affinity for corporate jargon. 

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